Saturday, February 5, 2011

Family First

I've been neglecting my new blog the past week or so due to family reasons.  My dear aunt passed away of cancer and the past few weeks have been spent shuttling back and forth to London.  Not only to spend some last few moments with her, but to be a support system for my mom.  She's always been the strong one for me and it was my turn to finally be there for her.

Yesterday we said our final good buys.  What a beautiful memorial service.  She will be sadly missed by so many people.  May you now begin your new life without pain and suffering!  I will miss you Aunt Cookie!

I'm planning on doing a mini album for mom of her sister.  Mom will be heading back to Florida for the rest of her winter and I'm planning on "raiding her house" while she's away.  She won't have a clue of pictures I intend to dig out of her massive photo boxes from years gone by.

I'm planning on posting some various work on here this weekend.  I think I have my camera finally figured out!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catch Up

Ok, huge apologies for not getting my LO for the sketch up as of yet.  Unfortunately, my camera is possessed at the moment and I'm not able to capture it to upload.  Will do it ASAP and will also put some of my work up too!  Promise!

Some good news though! I bought my birthday present to me today at the Turtle.  I got one of those cute animal print tool/crop caddies.  Organized all my tools, gadgets, pens and scrappy stuff in it and LOVE IT!
I seem to be doing most of my work at crops and it's going to be soooo much easier to transport my things with me now.  And in style too! WOOOHOOO

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whirlwind Day!

Well I apologize I didn't get my take on the sketch up yet.  It's done, just need to get it up on here.  I had to leave town suddenly early Saturday for a family situation and promise to get it up in the next day or two.

Had a GREAT time today at my favourite scappy home The Scrapping Turtle
This weekend they celebrated their 5th anniversay and ended it with the auction today.  We saved all of our reciepts from purchases since November and were able to add it all up and use those funds for bidding! 

I scored a Quick Kutz squeeze tool kit with all the fixings, an American Crafts album kit and some great die cut mats!  It was a great day with some great people at my favourite place.

If you're ever around St. Jacobs, you HAVE to stop in there!

Obviously not a lot of traffic on my blog as of yet and being so new, but I hope whoever stops in leaves some inspiration! Feel free to share tips, creations and whatever you think will encourage people to be creative!

Friday, January 21, 2011

First Sketch Challange

I absolutely loving using sketches to get me started!  Of course, the Page Maps website is a great place to look. 

To get things going on the blog, I'm hoping that you can use this sketch and share what you've created.  

I'm going to a crop tonight and will ensure that I create something with this wonderful sketch I found on Page Maps from there March 2009.

Looking forward to seeing some wonderful work this will inspire!

Finally! My Own Blog!

I've followed so many other blogs over the past years to feed my paper addiciton.  I felt it was time for me to start my own blog! Not being the most computer technical person, it took me a while to get this set up properly.  I'm sure I will have tweeks and pains as I continue on this journey into the blogging world. 

The intent of my blog is various, but will typically have everything to do with paper!

I am hoping to provide inspiration, share some of my work, share some of my finds and things I learn along the way!  Hopefully my followers will come and provide the same for myself and everyone else.

One thing I love with scrapbooking is sketches! I have always been fascinated with the various interpretations of others once given a sketch! 

Thanks for stopping in and please feel free to leave some inspiration! I would love for people to post their work, any tips or ideas and really, just anything you feel like!